Sunday, December 03, 2006

a (hopefully) cute twist on a on old classic...

dishcloths! I made these out of leftover cotton yarn from the lion project and Ellie's hat. I think the color combinations came out super cute, even though David agreed that the yellow, orange and white one looks a bit like candy corn! The "candy corn" dishcloth is made in a fun basket weave stitch that took forever but looks really cute. It's about 7x7 inches square. It's pretty thick, so it actually might make a better trivet than dishcloth. Who knows. The pink and chocolate one is a 7x8 rectangle, and was a super easy pattern that is nice and soft--lots of give. Overall, these were fun, and I have plenty of random cotton yarn left. I should make more!

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Anonymous said...

So, I just found this cute little blog of yours (by the link in Ashley's blog comments) and am not disappointed or surprised in the least!! I MUST tell you that if you could ever manage to make a few of these my mom would FLIP OUT!! My grandmother used to make them all the time and give them to my mom for Christmas. My mom always said they made the best washcloths. She is down to the last strands of her last one, I think. These projects are amazing!! Let's get together and sew!!
From erin c.