Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vintage yarn, UGLY soaker!

a little background on this one...

Grandma Wallace gave me a (partial) skein of yarn that was found in Barnard while cleaning out closets before Christmas that has to be 30+ years old. It's Red Heart brand wool yarn in avocado green, orange and gold--soooo 70's! Well, of course I had to make *something* with it so I whipped up this soaker. All I can say is UGLY! But I love it anyway! Check out the wrapper that came off the skein, with the price tag from some store called "Duckwall's". It cost $1.27.

This soaker also confirms my decision that I really don't like variegated yarns crocheted. I hate that "built with Legos" look. Variegateds should be saved for knits, in my opinion. People should crochet in solid colors. Oh, and the trim is just green Wool-ease (something I had that didn't clash too badly).


mama k said...

Wow that is ugly! LOL Very 70's!
I agree about the lego crochet. SC works with varigated sometimes, but I hate when the colors chunk up like that.

Mom said...

testing comments!