Thursday, March 15, 2007

lots of free fabric and time on my hands

What does a woman with a lot of free new fabric (thanks, Mom!) and time on her hands (Spring Break!) do on a Wednesday? Make baby carriers! No, it doesn't matter that she has no children. The fabric was calling to her!

I made a Mei Tai carrier and a pouch sling. Both turned out well for a first attempt. There is already a short list of things I will do differently should I ever make a Mei Tai again, and my pouch is a little bit long, but it can easily be taken up. I used this Mei Tai pattern, without the sleeping hood, and this pouch pattern.

Here are pictures laid out flat, then modeled with Stella.


Mei Tai...

I plan to send both home with my babywearing friend Lisa tonight after Bunco. She can use them until I have a need for them. They'll give her some variety and options besides her trusty ring sling.

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