Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spirograph, anyone?

Here is Miss Sydney McNeil's super cool Spirograph MT, complete with (blurry) pictorial instructions for her mother of how to wear it. Enjoy!


First, tie the waist straps (the short ones) around your waist and let the body of the MT fall down in front of you as if it were an apron.

Second, pick up "Syd" and froggy her legs since she's too young to straddle your waist. When she grows, you won't need to do this. (note: the part of Sydney McNeil is being played today by Stella the doll.)

Next, pull the body of the MT up behind Syd's back and throw the straps back over your shoulders. Keep at least one hand on Sydney the whole time!

Then reach behind you with one hand and pull a strap across your back and to the front on the opposite side. Keep holding Sydney with the other hand

Hold both the now-in-front strap and Sydney with one hand, while you reach behind and pull the other strap to the front.

Give both straps a good tug and tie them in front, behind Sydney's back. When she's older, you may prefer to tie them under her rear.

Back view:

It'll be in the mail to Lubbock tomorrow! And again, my sincere apologies for the blurriness. I was too lazy to re-take them. Let me know how it goes!


Kristin said...

super cool. and the pics aren't blurry on my screen! i will let you know, with a pictorial documentation, how it goes with syd! you rock.

mama k said...

ooh pretty!
We love our MTs over here. : )