Sunday, May 27, 2007

been moving... which means slacking on my blog!

We closed on our new house 2.5 weeks ago, and boy have we been busy! Here are some craft projects from the last few weeks...

First, some painting in the house (I think it counts as crafty!)
dining room before:

dining room after (ditched the electric blue for a nice green and added a green stripe)

entry way before

entry way after (again, ditched the electric blue)

and just a fun shot of the whole living area in the new house

baby's room after painting it blue and the crib skirt I made (curtain in the same stripe to come...)

and my first ever garment--my "hippie skirt". I wear this thing several times a week, so I need to make a couple more! So easy and so comfy! Here's the should try!

In the next blog update look for Tanya's knitting needle roll, Courtney's mei tai carrier, and the babies' room curtain!


Cynthia said...

Your crib skirt came out beautifully!

Jessica said...

Everything looks great! I love the color green you chode!

Spiffy Knits! said...

Great color green!

Erin -- I love the skirt and I bought some fabric to make myself one, but I'm chicken -- I can't cut a straight line without a pattern. Trying to rope my sister into lending me her nifty rotary cutter!