Tuesday, October 05, 2010

a kid named Walker Mauppin needs some cowboy duds from day one, don'tcha think?

These were both patterns I'd wanted to work up for a while now, and when Ruth mentioned that she was doing a cowboy nursery, it was the perfect opportunity. The patterns can be found here and here. Yarn is random unmarked stuff from my stash. I'm not even sure what the fiber content is on the yellow. Oops!

I am thrilled with the way the boot(ies) came out, but I'm not loving the hat. It doesn't sit pretty like the one in the picture on the pattern. Maybe some wire around the edge of the brim for shaping? Eh, Ruth can take care of that if she wants to.

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Jacinda said...

Hi Erin! We don't have a booth at Quilt Market. I'll just be doing some meetings and walking the floor! I have meetings till noon on Saturday but then I am free. Shoot me an email today or tomorrow AM, jacindaatprudentbabydotcom, and we can exchange numbers to try to meet up to say hi or have coffee!