Saturday, January 15, 2011

operation Dollhouse

When I was five years old, my daddy built me a mammoth dollhouse. I loved it, and was thrilled to learn that it had survived the years in my mom's shed. We loaded it up and brought it home when we were there for Christmas. This spring's project is dollhouse renovation!

Here is a (nearly) before picture. The only thing I did before I remembered to document the "before" was to rip the wallpaper off of a few walls.

I sort of propped the peeled off wallpaper up against the walls I removed it from, so you can imagine what a true "before" would have looked like.
As it stands in my garage right now, demo is complete. I removed the wallpaper and all of the door and window framing. Too many pieces of framing had fallen off and gone missing, so I get to start over and re-frame.

Order of events for the rest of the process:
  • all over sanding
  • a coat of polyurethane on the floors and baseboards
  • cut, paint, and glue on window and door framing
  • prime and paint all walls and exterior, using mostly leftover paint from rooms in my house
  • and (the part I'm most looking forward to) DECORATING!

I have all of my furniture from childhood, as well. Much of it is in disrepair and will need to be replaced, but the living room and bedrooms are in great shape and super adorable. I plan to make bedding and curtains and all the trimmings.

By kiddos' birthdays (mid-June), this house will be ready for this little family to move in and enjoy some play time.

I'll keep you posted as I make progress!

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Mom said...

Oh fun! Can't wait to see updates on the process. I love that family!!