Thursday, March 17, 2011

bedding fix

Some of you may remember that I posted on Facebook asking for ideas on a bedding fix. My bedding problems were manifold. First, my bed really needs a fun, funky quilt. Like this. See? Drool, right? Someday. When I have time. Now is not the time to tackle such projects. Second, because the bed-making fairy is on strike at our house, shams and throw pillows had taken up permanent residence on the floor. They were no longer pretty things for they bed. They were clutter. I needed a solution that would both rid me of the sham clutter and help me live with the dull red quilt until I have the time and energy to tackle a project like a monstrous king-sized quilt. Wouldn't you know that I found the answer on my favorite crafty blog, Prudent Baby? Turns out Jacinda feels the same way about pillow clutter. She solved the problem with sleep-on-able shams. Brilliant. So that was the plan.


I didn't order enough fabric. Darn, darn, big darn.

The concept was still a good one, though. Make three pillow cases from a fun fabric that livens up the red quilt, throw them up there, sleep on them, make the bed or don't make it. No matter. No pillow clutter will reside in the floor.

I'll spare you the list of problems that plagued this project. Ordering too little fabric was only the beginning. Suffice it to say that there was a headache lurking around every corner, and I'm just grateful it all turned out OK in the end.

Would my bed look more pulled together if I stood the pillows up with a trio of euro shams behind them? Sure. But only if I was willing to make the bed every day. Which I'm not. I have a feeling this is going to work out great for me!


Mom said...

love that fabric. nice job, erin! and a great solution for a tidy looking bed without a lot of effort. :)

snapladylisa said...

Deeply sympathetic. I have a bed-making compulsion. So I have to have it minimal. No shams for us. ONE decorative pillow in the middle. The end.