Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My husband has a hand-me-down rocking chair that was his grandmother's (?), and frankly, it's not attractive. It's got a nice shape, and it could be cute, with a full scale refinish and reupholster, but I'm simply not up for such tasks. I decided this week to slipcover it, and failed at the full slip attempt. I downgraded to a skirt for the seat, and I have to admit that it turned out quite cute! It's certainly a TON better than the nasty stained and faded turquoise corduroy seat of old.



The rocking chair skirt was re-fashioned from the white slipcover that I bought dirt cheap on uglysofa.com for my living room. I didn't like stark white in my living room and replaced it with an identical dirt cheap but off-white version. The one that became the skirt looked like this one, except it was couch sized, not love seat sized. The love seat lives in my bedroom.

Woo hoo for being able to recycle a slipcover that the potty trainers got to before I could return it!

I do still plan to have the rocking chair refinished and reupholstered in the near future. But at least I won't have to cringe at that nasty seat fabric every time I walk past it until then.

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