Sunday, September 25, 2011

NICU hats 2011

Here they are!

I almost punted the tradition this year because of the move, but decided about a week ago that I didn't want to, and kicked it into high gear to finish. For those of you who don't know, I crochet 12 preemie hats for NICU every year in honor of the 12 days my kids spent in NICU (10 for Hazel, 2 for Jono). In the past, Hazel and I have taken the hats to her NICU at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, on the anniversary of her discharge and coming home (June 22). This year we are late because of the move, and need to find a new NICU! I assume NOLA has one, so I just need to look it up.

This year's patterns included some newsboy caps,

some football beanies,

some butterfly beanies (my current favorite hat to whip for girls--so easy and adorable!)

and some bear beanies, because every baby looks cute with bear ears. ;)

Thanks for looking!


Mom said...

Such sweet creations. Love them all, but wanna touch those little bear ears. You touch my heart, Erin.

stampinashley said...

I love these hats! And love the idea that you do this to honor your time in the NICU. My daughter spent 40-some days there... and I've been looking for something I could do to give back, this is such a great idea. (I don't think I can make 40-some hats though;)