Saturday, October 15, 2011

the Wallace jazz trio

My son asked to be a jazz trumpet player for Halloween. Knowing that it would create a riot for one of them to get a toy instrument and not all three, and since the other two had not expressed strong costume preferences, we're making it a trio!
I made Hazel's little flapper dress with this tutorial. It was super easy, and I LOVE it!! She likes it too, since it's sparkly and purple. I mean, what's not to like about that when you're three years old?!

The boys have shirts with faux (appliqued) neck ties, and they'll wear black pants. I've been trying to talk myself out of getting them these hats at The Children's Place, to avoid spending more money on these costumes, but I'm pretty sure they need them. :p

The only decision left (besides the yes/no on hats for the boys) is what sort of hair accessory to do for Hazel. I waver between a flapper-ish headband with a feather or crocheting a flapper beanie. Thoughts?


Mom said...

Adorable! Yes, the boys definitely need those hats. lol and Hazie needs something on her head that has some ostrich feathers involved. Or not. LOL

What fun costumes. Love your creativity. Can't wait to see the kids wearing their outfits.

Pamela said...

I vote headband for Hazel.

Stephanie Hancock said...

I vote headband for Hazel, too, with a little feather sticking up. These are too adorable, Erin!!