Sunday, November 27, 2011


I read this idea a few years ago and thought I'd like to try it when my kids were old enough. I think we've reached it, at 3 and 4 years old, so this year was time to make a manger. I had been making plans that involved cutting up yard sticks for construction, which would have been super cute. But then I was in the shed and noticed the leftover swing set parts. Perfect! Our swing set was supposed to have a small picnic table built underneath it, but I have plans to put a sand box there instead, so I have leftover boards. Here was my pile to work from. You can see the beginning plans starting to form as I played with different combinations. My goal was to do as little sawing as possible.
And it worked! No sawing whatsoever. Boards in their full lengths, wood glue, plus screws=manger!
The goal is to have the kids put "hay" (yellow yarn) in it each day as we prepare for the birth of Jesus. The inspiration post (linked above) suggested having kids put hay in when they did something kind, etc. I don't think we'll do that. We'll let each kid put a piece of hay in every day. I don't like tying "being good" to Christmas (same reason we don't do Elf on the Shelf). Jesus didn't come because we were good boys and girls.
I'm so excited about it! It looks so sweet beside the tree. I'm pretty darn proud of my construction skills, too. ;)

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Morgan said...

Great job! Yes, we too, aren't doing Elf on the Shelf for that reason. I have had to catch myself from saying 'Santa is watching'. :)