Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mother Bear Project

Several months ago one of my favorite parenting blogs had a post about the Mother Bear Project.  They are an organization that collects hand knit bears to send to children with HIV or AIDS in other countries (mostly African nations).  I love finding out fun ways to use my knit/crochet skills to help others, so I took on Kara's challenge of making one bear in honor of each of my children.  My kids each have a lovey that they sleep with, and I love the idea of providing a bear for three sweet little souls halfway across the world who need someone to snuggle.

The most challenging part of these bears was embroidering their faces!  They sat completed without faces for a month before I got up the nerve to try.  I'm mostly OK with how they came out.  They're not too scary looking, are they?!


KDub said...

oh my word.. they are not scary at all. they are adorable. they will make some little kiddos really happy!

Kara said...

They turned out wonderful! (and you're so far ahead of me, good for you for getting them done)

What lucky children are going to have those to love on and cuddle. Makes me smile just to think of it.

Thank you!