Monday, October 08, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Oct 24-28

a week late!

We finished our Madeline unit, and then promptly left for a week in Houston and I forgot to catch up the blog.  Better late than never?

You may recall that we spent our first few days with Madeline focusing on Paris.  We spent our days this week focusing on the other parts of the book--surgery, human organs, and Madeline's appendectomy.

Madeline has an emergency appendectomy in the story, so we spent some time learning about our major organs (including finding that appendix--which I learned is just a small part of the large intestine).    We made wearable bodies, which was the coolest project EVER!  Everyone had so much fun inflating their lungs.

We also dropped a little piece of candy down our esophagus to see it land in our stomach.

Still inflating those lungs!
When I asked the kids what their favorite part of our Madeline unit was, the unanimous answer was when we pretended surgery.  We got out the doctor kit toys and the play doh tools and pretended to operate on one another.  We had appendectomies and tonsillectomies most often.  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of this.  I was too involved in the play acting. ;)

For math with Madeline, we used counting bears to be the "Twelve little girls in two straight lines" and experimented with questions like, "What if Miss Clavel asked the girls to line up in four straight lines instead?"  Nice little lesson on the factors of 12.  

A little girl stole Madeline's hat!

Our Madeline art lesson was on symmetry.  We did that art project where you fold a piece of paper in half, squirt a blob of paint on one side, close it up, squish it, and then open it up to see a symmetrical image.  They loved it!  Jono said his looked like seahorses.  I agree (when you turn it upside down)!

We ended our Madeline unit with a trip to the zoo, specifically to say "Pooh, pooh!" to the tigers.  Zoo construction made it hard to get to the tigers, so we said it to the lion instead.  Good enough.  Another fun week at Casa de Wallace! Thank you for reading!

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Sami said...

I just found your blog through pinterest and oh my goodness I absolutely love the bag of organs!! Can't wait to try it with my kids! I am planning on homeschooling and it looks like your blog may be a great resource for me! Thanks for sharing your Madeline unit! I love the box and love how you adapted to it!