Sunday, April 07, 2013

Easter 2013


We made rice krispie treat bird nests with dyed green coconut and jelly bean "eggs".  Turns out the kids aren't huge fans of coconut.  We won't bother with this one again. LOL

My mother-in-law passed down her jello egg molds. I tried them a few years ago and didn't manage to get any whole jello eggs out of them.  They all cracked down the middle.  I read some tips online this year, and tried again, with success!  You need to spray the interior of your molds with cooking spray.  Turns out that jello is not slippery enough on its own.  These were enormously popular and went FAST.  

Dyeing eggs!

all set up and ready!

I sewed Hazel's Easter dress for the first time, this year.  I'm thrilled with how it came out!

boys and dolly got coordinating duds

homeschool group egg hunt!

glow-in-the-dark egg hunt at home--with glow sticks in the eggs! 

eggs lurking on the fence
Charlie's basket afterward
 the baskets!
sleepy-head girl with her new Barbie 
checking out his new batman toy
Build-a-Bear got a new outfit!
 Easter Sunday morning, all dressed up!

And though it escaped all notice of my camera, we did spend the two weeks before Easter working through our Resurrection Eggs at breakfast and discussing the work of Jesus on the cross.  We do the eggs, and the baskets, and the hunts and all, but my kids are certainly not confused about the true meaning of Easter.  This is the third year we've used Resurrection Eggs with our kids, and I really can't recommend them enough.  Simple, hands-on, and practical, they help you talk about the cross with even the youngest of listeners, which is no easy task!  They can be bought, but we made ours at MOPs several years ago.  They're easily made with a dozen plastic eggs and some items from around the house or the dollar store.  If you want to make a set, my friend Courtney's blog gives instructions for ones like ours (she organized the MOPs craft).  

I hope your family had a wonderful Easter, too!

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