Saturday, July 20, 2013

NICU day 2013

Hazel and I delivered our annual NICU knit/crocheted hat stash today, only a month late. This year, NICU day was a comedy of errors.  Every other year, we've taken hats ON the anniversary of her discharge from NICU, which is June 22, but this year, we had the big flood on June 21, which made the 22nd about the craziest day this family had seen in a long time.

We postponed it for the next weekend, but ended up with sick kids.  Same story the week after that. Finally, today, we got a good opportunity, but I forgot to take pictures.  Oh well.  We did have fun, it just wasn't well documented.

We took hats to the NICU nurses at our local hospital.  We don't actually get to go into NICU, but we got to peek through the window of the regular newborn nursery at some cute little squishes.  Afterward we went to Starbucks for cake pops and then stopped in the library.  Good outing.  Hazel also drew a picture to deliver with the hats this year, which was fun.  I enjoy seeing her take some ownership of this annual celebration of her homecoming!

This year's stash:

My favorites were the rainbows. Hazel said hers was the pink butterfly (bottom row, 2nd from right).  

Not our largest gifting, but it still exceeded my basic goal, which is 10 hats for Hazel's 10 days in  NICU + 2 more for Jono's 2 days.  I ran out of time to do some football beanies this year.  We'll have to make sure we get some of those in next year.

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