Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

My sewing machine was my birthday gift from my sweet husband (although I got to pick it out!). I've only had it a week and a half, so I haven't used it much, but I'm so excited! The only thing I've done so far is make some wipes for my niece, Lucy. They turned out great, so I'm encouraged. The possibilities are endless! I can make aprons, more aprons, curtains, baby room stuff when we get pregnant, and of course, more aprons!


Katy said...

How'd you make wipes with a sewing machine? Kinda like you would do a pillow cover? What fabric did you use?

Erin said...

My machine has an overcasting foot/stitch, which functions like a mini-serger. They're not quite as tidy as a serged edge would be, but should hold up just fine for the purpose of wipin' hineys. I just posted pics of some I made yesterday. Fun!