Tuesday, October 10, 2006

teaching more than Latin

I left about 30 minutes early for my Latin classes today due to a severe line of thunderstorms due in the Houston area during my normal travel time. I figured I could sit up at school and chat for a while before my class if it meant I didn't have to drive in the heavy rain. I took the hat I was working on (see below) for entertainment, too. One of my students, a super cute 4th grader named Victoria, saw me working on the hat and asked if I could teach her. I told her that my mom taught me when I was about her age, so sure, if she wanted to learn, I'd be happy to work with her. I didn't know if she was really serious or not, but when it came time to leave today after class, she cornered me and started talking details. She really wants to learn! I'm so excited! I told her I'd email her mom and we'd set up a time for lessons. How fun would it be to teach one of my kiddos my favorite craft? Yay!

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