Tuesday, October 17, 2006


#1--crochet lessons with Victoria begin Thursday. Her mom is going to buy her a hook and some easy-to-work-with yarn between now and then. We're going to meet during her study hall at school, which is the hour right before her Latin class with me. I'm so excited! I hope she likes it!

#2--I posted a picture of Lucy's Longhorn Longies on the 'pin and I got an order for some from 'pin mom! I have NO intention of getting into the diaper cover crocheting business, but Jenn lives near Stephanie and Nathan and we've emailed a bunch and tried to get together when I'm in the Ft. Worth area, so she's more of a friend than some random internet person. She wants some purple TCU longies for her toddler. Why not? Toddler sized longies sound like a fun challenge to me! She's going to hunt down the perfect purple yarn and then I'll get started.

#3--it's killing me not to post a picture of the super fun project I'm working on for baby Hochart. But since I know Liz reads this blog--all of you will have to wait until she's seen the real thing before I post pics. IT IS SO STINKIN' CUTE!

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