Thursday, January 25, 2007

recycled wipes!

Lucy had way too many girly flannel receiving blankets, so Stephanie sent some to me to be recycled into wipes. I decided to "improve" about half of them with a side of soft pink cotton velour. Here's the mother load...

9 animal flannel with pink velour
3 purple flannel
9 pink stripes all flannel
4 pink flannel
3 purple flannel with pink velour (one with kitty embroidery--my favorite!)
5 pink polka dot flannel
9 flowers flannel with pink velour

yes, that's right--42 wipes! 3.5 dozen! Wow!

In the same package, I'm mailing a little crocheted surprise for Lucy. But Stephanie will have to wait on the mail to see that one! I'll post a picture after she receives it for the rest of you...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am just intrigued by the non-disposable items. I guess I'm such the product of culture that I don't understand how this works. I'm assuming this is to um, wipe baby's dirty bum? Then what do you do with it. Now I have this adorable little soft sweet, homemade "wipee" all dirty. You will have to sit down with me one day and explain how this works for us extremely clean folk.
Erin C.