Monday, January 01, 2007

trying to stay awake on New Year's Eve

long enough to attend a party at Phil and Cynthia's found me in the mood to do some sewing. I decided to make some mama pad liners for Cynthia since I would be seeing her shortly and she's my one Sugar Land friend to embrace using mama cloth (haha Cynthia--aren't you glad I outed you? Now I'm not the only weird one!). I know these don't appeal to many of you, my loyal blog readers, but I'm proud of my craftsmanship just the same, and for those of you who may be curious but unsure about cloth pads, I recommend this article on Wikipedia. It's really pretty good reading. And, of course, I welcome any questions on the subject, as well!

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Cynthia said...

Can I say these are the best ever? I was totally skeptical at first about cloth, but now I loathe having to use plastic when the cloth are in the bin. Everyone should try them at least once in their life!

Thanks Erin - I'll get my turn to out you on something some day! Let me think.... :)