Friday, September 17, 2010

a hat for Hazel!

That's just a flower on a hair clip, attached through the holes in the hat. You can totally change the look of the hat by changing the clippie attached, or by leaving it plain. Love it!

oh, and isn't that a Lucy face in that 2nd picture? I was so surprised when I uploaded the pics. Take off Hazel's curly hair and she looks a lot like her cousin!
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Mrs. Butler said...

I love it! I really have to get on the crochet bandwagon.

Mom said...

So cute! Does Hazie love it? A hat with changeable doodads is a great idea! I can see Lu in that second pic.

And guess what? With Charlie's face at that angle and his short blond hair showing, he looks a lot like Benjamin does right now. Too funny!!

Pamela said...

Hazel looks EXACTLY like you Erin. That first picture on profile - it's you!