Saturday, August 27, 2011

hair accessories

This was so simple that it hardly counts as a project, but it solves a problem in my house, so I thought I'd share. Hazel has tons of hair hairbands, clippies, bows, headbands, etc. They had been living in a drawer in the kids' bathroom, but it was really really full and difficult to dig through to find what you were looking for. I wanted to keep her hair stuff in her bedroom. She used to have one of those bow holders with the ribbons to clip the bows to, but it didn't work well with her hair accessory collection, since she has more rubber bands and headbands than she does bows with clips. This was my solution:

I took an empty container (that used to hold dishwasher detergent tabs) and mod podged some scrapbook paper to the outside. I added some felt stars for interest. I think putting her in red, right under the lip of the container to the left of the star would be cute, too. I dumped in her hair accessory collection and it can live on top of her dresser in her room. The yellow and red coordinate well in there, and the pattern is not too girly for a room she shares with her brother. Win-win!

Headbands and necklaces were intended to live on the exterior of the container, but it's pretty wide, and I'm afraid headbands might get too stretched out on there. I'll probably just throw them inside, too. There's plenty of room.

Thanks for looking!

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