Monday, September 17, 2012

Knitter for Hire

I have had many people ask over the past few years if I sold my hats (or other knit/crocheted items) anywhere, or if I would be willing to make a custom item for them.  I have always said no, that I didn't have the time to take on knitter-for-hire projects, and that I had no interest in maintaining an Etsy store or the like.  Well, the no interest in an Etsy store is still true.  BUT recently I have found myself wondering what yarn work I should work on, and not having any good ideas.  Seems I just might have some time for other people's yarn crafting after all!  So, consider me a knitter for hire.  Need a birthday gift?  A baby shower gift?  Having a baby and need a photo prop for those squishy little newborn photos?  I might be able to help you out! Feel free to contact me to see if I have availability. We can discuss what you're looking for, and I can give you a time frame for completion and a price quote.  

new mommy gifts for MOPs this year, commissioned by a friend in charge of such things

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jkirlin said...

Hi Erin,

I don't know if you went ahead with your knitting for hire, but I'm looking for someone to make a pair of mittens from a vintage pattern. It's a pair of kicking duck mittens that I had over 20 years ago, then I lost one, then the other and now only have fond memories of them. As A lark I posted to Facebook that I wanted some, then started Googling, found the pattern, etc, but don't know anyone who knits. :)

If you'd be interested in talking more about this, that would be great. My email is

Hope to hear from you. If not, I get that, too. :) Take care.