Saturday, September 08, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: September 3-7

Well, I'd be lying if I said we did much school this week.  We spent Monday and Tuesday in a hot dark house without power from Hurricane Isaac.  Once power was restored, I spent Wednesday catching up on laundry and other chores.  We had a play date and a field trip already scheduled for Thursday and Friday, so school was more or less blown off.

We did sneak in a few minutes of learning here and there.  We read some good books.  We did the art lesson from FIAR for The Story About Ping and learned that we could give the illusion of water around objects with some wavy lines like the artist used in the book.  We practiced on the white board.

Sorry for the dark picture.  It was one of those no power days.
 We wrapped up our study of Ping with oral narrations.  Each kid took turns telling me the story.  I recorded them, and am transcribing their narrations for their finished work binders.  They are adorable!  They remembered so many details, and everyone's versions were so different, but all good summaries in their own way.  It's definitely fun to have their versions written down!

Finally, pictures from our trip to Memphis during Isaac, as promised.

Jono, throwing horse shoes in Memaw and Papaw's back yard.  Very Carruth of him. 

Jono, seeing if Memaw's cat had a good gig going, laying down on the front ramp.  Goof.

Charlie, standing on the back of Papaw's wheelchair, waiting for a ride out of Ryan's
Hazel and Memaw
Hazel and Jono hitching a ride out of Ryan's
kids with Memaw and Great Aunt Donna
kids, tired of mom and her camera, with the ducks at the Peabody

an upstairs view of the ducks' fountain

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