Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crafty Catch Up

Halloween crafting! 

I did an order of some Minion hats for a couple of friends at church and their kiddos.  They dressed eleven boys and one girl (from only 3 families!) all as Minions together.  The big kids had yellow ski caps, but I did crochet hats for the babies and toddlers.   I had to google to find out what a Minion was when they asked me to crochet, though.  I still need to rent the movie


I only had to do one costume for my own kids this year.  My sons unanimously voted to be Spidermen, but my little lady wanted wings and feathers to go with the owl hat I did for her last fall.  



The rest of the crafting I've done lately has been for the rats.  We got a trio of pet rats a few weeks ago. Here was their cage all set up the night before we went to pick them up.  I sewed their hammocks, 

and their snuggle scarf (it helps the kids to handle them without getting scratchy toe nails on their necks or risking a rattie getting loose.

Funny story about this cube hammock.  Hazel had this nasty nightgown that was all stretched out and sad and I told her she had to stop wearing it.  She was so sad!  BUT when I suggested that maybe she let me make something for the rats out of it, she was overjoyed.  Hazel adores the rat girls.  So here it is, beloved froggy nightgown, turned cube hammock.


MM said...

excellent use of the beloved nightgown!

jkirlin said...

Hi Erin. I'm interested in having a pair of mittens made if you are still doing knitting for hire. I treid to explain in a longer message but couldn't get through the robot approval thing. My email is