Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving themed ratty cage

Purely for my own entertainment, I made the rat girls a cube hammock shaped like a turkey for this week.  I crack myself up.

Someone checked it out right after I let them back into their newly cleaned cage.  (Dixie? Hard to tell without seeing the whole rat.)

Turkey backside, with Roux climbing up on the right hand side.

They prefer napping on TOP of the cube instead of inside.  Figures.  This is Mimi? I think?

That's all 3 piled up on there, and Roux facing the camera.  Mimi is facing the feathers, and Dixie was on the bottom of the pile with her head off to the right (not visible).  

Stop disturbing our nap with your camera, woman.
You can expect Christmas themed cages in the weeks to come.  I figure, why not?!

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Jenn said...

Love it! What a cute hammock. The last pic is definitely my favorite for that sweet little face. <3