Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gumbo Parade

We had an Elf on the Shelf for the first time this year!  I had so much fun staging his antics every night after the kids went to bed, and managed to snap a picture of most of them.  So, here are the 2012 activities of Gumbo Parade, the elf!

photo graffiti
board games with the reindeer
riding the toy fire truck
sipping syrup
switched out the kids' stockings for their underwear 
"snow" angel
weighing himself in the bear balance
pretending to be a pet rat
superhero, zip lining
roasting marshmallows
spelling his name
nativity scene
pirate Gumbo
reading a cat book to the cats
hanging upside down from the mistletoe
hiding among the reindeer
"snowball" fight 
"toilet paper"
the last night! he used streamers and tape to trap the kids in their rooms so they couldn't peek at Christmas early!
Christmas morning! 
I endured a lot of teasing from my friends about being an Elf on the Shelf overachiever, but really, pinterest makes it EASY.  Almost none of these were original ideas.  I made a master list of 40 or so ideas from pinterest at the beginning of the month, and then just picked one that would be easy to pull off every night after kids went down.  Totally worth it!

See you next year, Gumbo Parade!

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