Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Wrap Up: A New Coat for Anna

Before Christmas we spent a week with the Five in a Row book A New Coat for Anna.  I just love this book.  In it, Anna and her mother barter some of their nice things for the materials they need to have a new coat made for Anna.

We played bartering one morning.  Jono was a doctor, Charlie was a dad spiderman with kids, and Hazel was a farmer.  Hazel needed some vet care for her cows, but didn't have any money, so she offered Jono some of her fruits and veggies from the farm.  Charlie needed milk from Hazel's cows for his children, and offered one of his cat's kittens to chase mice in her barn.  We created some other scenarios, too, but they escape my memory at the moment.

In the book, Anna and her mother dye the yarn for her coat red using ligonberries.  We dyed some wool yarn with Kool-Aid!  Such a fun and simple process.  

On our long road trips over Christmas, I knit their yarn into something of their choosing.  Charlie chose a hat for him and a matching hat for kitty.  Hazel chose the same (haven't done her kitty's yet), and Jono asked for a small stuffed alligator.  

We read some wonderful go-along books that had similar plots.  I highly recommend:
Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie DePaola
Blackberry Booties by Tricia Gardella

We also took a trip to the WWII museum here in New Orleans, since Anna takes place in worn-torn Europe after WWII.  That museum is amazing, and I can't wait to go back, but I'll go next time without my kids.  It was over their heads, which I expected.  And while they certainly enjoyed seeing the planes and tanks and things, I felt somewhat disrespectful with my rowdy excited 4 and 5 year olds in such a somber environment.  Plus, it was recommended by the curators that we skip the entire 2nd floor due to extremely graphic images in the exhibits on the Asian front of the war.  So, note to those thinking about taking children to a war museum.  Don't. 

I'm sure we did other things with Anna, but frankly, I didn't take good notes and Christmas happened between then and now.  That's all I remember, folks! Thanks for reading!

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Anna said...

This is very cool. How fun to take a project through several steps like that. And good for you letting them choose!
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