Saturday, February 05, 2011

Jono's room

Jono's room was done in lime green and blue guitars, which I loved, but with the acquisition of his race car bed and the quilt from Grandma (which looks like it was made for the race car bed, was wasn't--talk about a PERFECT match!), his room had morphed into primary colors and needed something new on the window.

The problem with window treatments and Jonathan's room, however, is that he has been known to hang from curtains like a monkey, tearing the entire curtain rod down, and leaving gaping holes in the sheet rock. Sigh. Little boys.

So, the criteria for his new window treatment was simple--something that was not easily reachable and that was unable to be harmed or to harm him, should he manage to get hold of it and pull it down. I found this tutorial for a cornice board made from foam core poster board instead of plywood. Lightweight, cheap to replace if need be, adds a splash of color without much work. Perfect.

Love the racing flags fabric. It works so well with the theme!

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