Sunday, February 13, 2011

My mom made these adorable snowmen stockings for David and me before we had kids.

I bought some felt stockings with simple snowflake embroidery for the kiddos two years ago, and decided this past Christmas that I needed to add coordinating snowmen to theirs. I made them similar to mom's but with different hats, mouths, and with scarves instead of buttons.

My kids have been color coded since the start of sippy cups and toothbrushes. It's easier to always make one kid's stuff the same color instead of labeling everything. Since I didn't have room for names on their stockings, I color coded their snowmen's hats and scarves for identification. Jono is blue, Charlie is green, and Hazel, pink (of course).

My snowmen are not nearly as polished as mom's are. The workmanship is FAR more variable (note Hazel's too-big bug eyes, and Jono's scowly mouth), but I like them! I think they're cute!

I ordered my felt from this Etsy shop. The sweet, sweet lady who runs it was wonderful in helping me select "happy colors" for my green, blue, and pink. I placed an order for those three colors, plus my black and cream, but forgot to order orange for their noses. A few weeks later I sent her a note on Etsy and asked how small a piece of orange she'd be willing to sell me (I didn't need her usual 8x10" square of it!) and she said, "Don't worry about it!" and dropped a 4x4 square in mail free of charge. SO SWEET! If you ever need felt, I highly recommend working with her.

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Mom said...

Another craft success! Your snowman stockings could not be cuter. Color coding is great for ownership and makes them adorably individual. Great job!