Sunday, January 08, 2012

dress ups

Before: small, plain, sturdy bookshelf that my husband brought into the marriage.  It has been housing various things in the guest room, but nothing that couldn't be relatively easily re-homed.  Two shelves had already been removed before I remembered to take before pictures.

Before: dress up storage.  Overflowing. Yikes.

After! Ta-da!

Command hooks to the rescue (gosh, I love those things!).  I left one shelf, moved it down, and put two smaller bins below.  I currently have clothing dress ups hanging, with hats and accessories in the bins.  Capes are on the outside, since they're too long for the hanging space inside (plus they get used DAILY).  I want to get a couple more hooks for the outside and move the purses and necklaces onto those and out of the accessory bins.

Dress up is the thing around here, so hopefully this keeps ups better organized, makes the costumes more accessible, and fuels the FUN! 


Morgan said...

Oh my gosh,I love it! My cousin had something similar when I last visited her, and I really liked it! Gotta keep this in mind!

Homemade Mommy said...

I love command hooks! My husband and I are always moving with the military so we have invested in many of these wonderful hooks!