Monday, January 02, 2012

lego (duplo) table!

Thanks to pinterest, I found a new use for my ugly old Ikea coffee table.  Pinterest is littered with Ikea Lack end tables turned lego tables, but I had a Lack coffee table, which is bigger, and frankly better, since I have three preschoolers who will need to play here happily (ha!) together. My favorite of the DIY lego tables that I browsed was Jill's from Meet the Dubiens.  I pretty much knocked it off.  And I love it! 

Before,  uninspiring $20 coffee table, well  used.

Since I was using 2 plates, I attached them together with a big block, to make sure they were aligned correctly.  I centered them on my table, and put some tape around the edge so I'd know where to put it back down after I applied glue.  Not a very scientific process, but it seemed to work pretty well.  I gorilla glued those puppies down, and removed the blue tape.  I left it overnight, weighted down with some books.

This morning I added the road (address labels cut with my rotary cutter), and the blocks.  They got the Winnie the Pooh set and the school set for Christmas.  They also have a Thomas set and a Toy Story set that we can add in when we want to change it up.  I grabbed a couple of bins at Target to hold blocks on the shelf underneath.



Nancy said...

LOVE it!

Homemade Mommy said...

This is fantastic! I find that a coat of paint can really make an item feel brand new!

Angie said...

This is great! I was hoping to find something a little bigger for my 3 year old than the little Lack coffee table, this will work great! Thanks for the inspiration!