Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2012 NICU hats

Here are this year's preemie hats!

As a reminder, I knit or crochet a dozen preemie hats for NICU every year as my way to thank those wonderful doctors and nurses for their care of my children for a combined 12 days in NICU (10 days for Hazel, 2 days for Jono).  Every summer on the anniversary of Hazel's discharge, she and I take hats to the children's hospital together.

Because of a long road trip to Texas, I had lots of yarn time, and exceeded my goal of 12!  I may even have time to work up another couple, since NICU day is not until the 22nd, but I have some major school room reorganization and a birthday party to plan, clean for, and host between now and then.  So I'm calling this the "set" and if it grows by another, great!

The list:
three knit football hats (2 Who Dats and one regular)
four crocheted butterfly beanies (2 pink, 2 purple)
three crocheted bear ears
several random knit stripy hats, in boyish and girlish color combos

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