Sunday, June 10, 2012

father's day 2012

I saw this tutorial linked on pinterest this week, and couldn't resist doing them for our Dad and Grandpas. I had each kiddo draw one each of Dad, Grandude, and Grandpa.  I simply adore how they came out! 

The process was a little trying.  Cutting out all of their detailed little drawings was tedious, but worth it! 

Here's the freezer paper, cut out, ironed on, and ready to be painted.  I painted fabric paint on the cut out parts, and then peeled off the freezer paper. That transferred the image that they drew to the shirt.  I love freezer paper stenciling!

My favorite parts of each one:
Grandpa: this one was drawn by Charlie.  It's my overall favorite, due to it's quirkiness.  As you can see, Charlie's fine motor skills lag behind his siblings, and his writing is hilarious.  That "G" is fully upside down. See those vertical lines on Grandpa's forehead?  That is "hair laying down, because Grandpa doesn't have hair that stands up!" Classic.

Dad: drawn by Jono. He was not too into the project and took about 10 seconds to do the drawing.  I was annoyed that he didn't even take time to include a body, but went for the alien head variety, but that's what I got.  Dad sure does look happy, though!

Grandude was drawn by Hazel. I love his belly button.  Her handwriting is really getting nice and even, too.  Otherwise, I appreciated hers because it was clean lined and simple, and easy to cut out. LOL

Overall, super fun project, and I'll be happy to put the Grandpas' in the mail and give David his on Sunday!


Pheobe said...

I actually really like Jono's picture! So cute!

MM said...

All three will love their shirts!

Mom said...

Super cute! Your kiddos are getting good at art! I love that David, the runner, is all legs. Appropriate!