Monday, June 18, 2012

School Room

So it's not really a craft, unless you consider assembling Ikea furniture a craft, but my school room got  a makeover with my new expedit bookshelf and I had to show it off!

 View from the door.  This room used to be the garage (converted several home owners ago), so it has a HUGE window and lots of light. It's the sunniest room in the house, especially with the a-little-too-yellow paint. The random kitchen chair in there needs a new home, but I don't feel like hauling it up to the attic and haven't found another inconspicuous corner for it.  There used to be a desk in this room that the chair lived with, but it was replaced by the new bookshelf.  Therefore, homeless chair.
The new expedit!  I had to wait for MONTHS until we took a trip to Texas.  I miss living near Ikea!  It has  materials, curriculum, manipulatives, etc on it, and lots of room to grow into.  The door on the left goes into the mud room (and then on to the rest of the house).  The door on the right is a large-ish closet that mostly holds my fabric and yarn (sizable collection of both), and office supplies.  The USA map is mounted on foam-core poster board and just leaning against the wall up there.  It's lightweight and easy to lift down when we want a closer look. Also seen on top of the shelf is Ziggy, our favorite part of our preschool curriculum, who I suspect will continue to be our school mascot long after his use in school time has passed.
 Dumpy Craigslist couch, and old Ikea bookshelf that is holding family (not homeschool) books.  The tiny window annoys, since it keeps me from hanging something large and useful above the couch, but the chevron valance makes me feel a little happier about it.

Craigslist school table.  No, I don't have four kids, nor do I homeschool a friend's kid.  For the (maybe) 10 minutes a day that we actually sit at a table, I usually occupy one of the preschool-sized chairs along with my kids. It's cozy. The orange desk in the corner holds mostly puzzles and busy bag type activities.

So that's the tour!  Now, to get down to USING that room and actually schooling.  Nah--it's summer.  Check back in August.


RachelT said...

It looks great and ready for lots of learning! I hope you have a great year! Just stopping by from the Hop.

Cam @Ms. Understood said...

I can't take my eyes off that lovely rug! Love it!

Erin said...

Rug is from I love it, too!