Sunday, March 31, 2013

chores & routines, updated

The changes we made to household chores and routines for the kids last week have been a wonderful success overall.  The kids are (so far) (still) enthusiastic about doing their jobs.  They ask for popsicle jobs at times of the day besides when they're required to do one, and they get disappointed if they draw the one that says "day off!"  Eager little beavers.  I'm thrilled with the results!  This week, my glass coffee table got cleaned, my glass back doors got cleaned, my kitchen chairs got wiped down, the coloring table got straightened before it became a total mess of shredded paper confetti.  Success!

I did notice, however, the need for some more cleaning supply organization and accessibility.  I was not keen on spending 10 min after rest time finding cleaning supplies for the various popsicle jobs.  Let's face it, poor cleaning supply organization and accessibility is probably a large part of why I wasn't ever getting around to the small tasks I have now assigned to my children.

I'm hoping that today's work will remedy that.  I took a trip to the dollar store and the grocery store and set up these little baskets.

There is one for "main areas" (in front) and one for each bathroom (left and rear).  Everything that is needed to do any jobs in those rooms except for vacuum cleaners and such is organized and easily available, either under the bathroom sink or in the pantry floor.

In the bathroom baskets, I have:
all purpose (surface) cleaner (50/50 vinegar/water with a squirt of dawn)
clorox wipes
small bottle of dawn (I use it in showers, potties, and sinks)

In the main areas basket, I have:
all purpose (surface) cleaner
clorox wipes
washable dusting mitts from the dollar store (VERY cool)
paper towels

I'm trying to cut down overall on my reliance on clorox wipes and paper towels, but I don't mind using them occasionally.  If I struggle to remember to grab and wash and rotate sponges, we'll go back to near full reliance on disposable products.  We'll see.  It's a price I'm willing to pay for easy household maintenance.

I'll tell you, I feel sort of silly owning 3 bottles of windex and 3 bottles of all-purpose cleaner.  But if it helps make these little jobs easier to get done, it'll be worth it.  I'll keep you posted!

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