Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Garden update!

We have a garden in place!

Last Saturday morning, the five of us got elbow deep in a trio of compost, peat moss, and vermiculite, as we made our Mel's Mix, the recommended soil for our Square Foot Garden.  Aunt Carrie was still in town and snapped this (horrible) picture (of me still in my pjs).
Then on Sunday, we put in plants and seeds! The twins helped me do the planting and watering, and now we wait, water, and watch things grow!
We put in grape and cherry tomatoes and bell peppers from seedlings (back row), since we were right on the edge of running late to get those in the ground as seed.  Elsewhere, in no particular order, we have cilantro and parsley, squash and zucchini, swiss chard, an early lettuce, bush beans, and cucumbers.  We left a square for okra and will put it in next week, since its seed pack said to sow in April or May.

We're very excited!!

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