Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A friend sent me some plain green longies (knit wool pants used with cloth diapers in lieu of a cover) that her two boys had worn and asked me to "girlify" them.  She just had a beautiful baby girl, and no plain green pants were going to do!  This project was SO FUN!

She sent me the pants, a skein of dark pink yarn, and the remains of a ball of light pink yarn that she had something else knit with.  I changed the drawstring from green to pink, added the pink edging to the legs of the pants, and embroidered some flowers (a first for me, and a super fun new skill!).  She also requested a coordinating hat.  The hat pattern is this one, one of my favorites.  I used up the rest of the yarn making a few flowers.  She can use them to embellish whatever she pleases, put them on clips or headbands, etc.  

Yay for girly! and welcome to the world, baby Lily!

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