Monday, March 18, 2013

Jack, our American Guy

So I confessed to my American Girl love, right?  And you know I can't leave well enough alone.  I had to customize.  Meet Jack, our American Guy.

I had seen several custom dolls online, turned into boys with wig and wardrobe changes, and wanted to do one!  I started watching Ebay for a good deal on a "needs TLC" AG doll, preferably with a classic face mold and brown eyes.  Took a few weeks of watching, but I found one!  Here she was before, a TLC Kailey doll, with loose floppy limbs (still need to fix those), a scratch on her nose (no biggie--my boys always have random scratches!) and a scraggly haircut (no problem--I was taking her hair off anyway).

First thing to do was take off her girl wig.  I followed these instructions, and had no trouble removing Kailey's old hair.  She was scary looking bald!  I did take a picture at some point, but I guess I deleted it?  Can't find it now to share with you.  Your nightmares will thank me.

Then we had to get him some boy hair.  I ordered two wigs, a brown and a blonde, from an online doll shop (not AG brand wigs).  We tried both on, swapped them back and forth, and did a lot of debating.  I liked the brown wig, but I got outvoted.  My kids all preferred the blonde one, because he looked (a lot!) like Charlie.  Glued on his wig, put him in boy clothes, and he was officially Jack!

He is every bit as loved as Jess.  My kids have dubbed them brother and sister.  Works for me!

dressing like Jack
Jack needs some more wardrobe.  Kids want pajamas, a bathing suit, some shorts and a tshirt, etc.  We'll work on it.  I'll keep you posted.

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