Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

My sewing machine was my birthday gift from my sweet husband (although I got to pick it out!). I've only had it a week and a half, so I haven't used it much, but I'm so excited! The only thing I've done so far is make some wipes for my niece, Lucy. They turned out great, so I'm encouraged. The possibilities are endless! I can make aprons, more aprons, curtains, baby room stuff when we get pregnant, and of course, more aprons!


My yarn and sewing supplies were taking over my guest bedroom, so here's my new "craft cart". It's actually an old, sad cart that I had in my classroom, but I'm glad I can give it a new job. It works well, but it's already FULL! And that's my new sewing machine on top (in it's case). I'll showcase her in a later post...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

yarn projects to come...

I started working on this but encountered some pattern reading problems. I need to try again and persevere this time!

I bought some wool yarn (my first!) at my mom's Joann's last weekend--they were moving locations and everything was on sale! I want to try kool-aid dyeing my gigantic skein of fishermen's wool. I'll definitely post pictures of that project when I decide to tackle it. I'll do it on a weekend since David said he was interested in the chemistry of the process. (He's a cute chemical engineer husband, isn't he?)

And I'm dying to try this hat that a 'pin mama made for her baby. I can't think of a good recipient, though. It's a little silly. Eliana?

Enough about yarn projects! Sewing will the topic of the next post...

Monday, August 28, 2006

crocheting for others

my two most recent crochet projects have been baby gifts.

first, a ladybug hat for a 'pin friend's little one who was nicknamed "ladybug" in utero
and 2nd, a bunny lovey for my precious new niece Lucy

creamsicle capris

I made some modifications on the lime green soaker for this pair of capris, and I made them specifically for Stella, my dolly. I wanted to make them for a specific "person" so that I could practice with customizing waist, rise, and inseam lengths. Admittedly, this is an ugly yarn, but hey, I'm still practicing so cheap acrylic is a good thing!

the soaker that started it all...

after several months of reading on the 'pin about cloth diapers (and getting excited about using them on our not-yet-conceived baby), I decided to dust off my crochet hooks and try crocheting a soaker (diaper cover). This was the result:

I was really happy with my first crochet project in years. This wasn't the best soaker pattern but it was free, so it was a good way to practice. It turned out so tiny that I ended up giving it to a woman with a little girl to use with her dolls. My improved version in a post to come...

so it tuns out...

that I'm crafty!

I have to laugh at this since my friend K-Lo has long since described me as "not crafty" just because I didn't take to her magnet-making project with as much gusto as she expected. But in the last few weeks I have discovered that I find a lot of joy in creating things. My current crafts of choice are crocheting and sewing. I'm a fairly experienced crocheter, and a completely novice seamstress, but am thoroughly loving both. Pictures of projects to come...