Wednesday, March 21, 2012

watermelon set

I liked the watermelon hat I did as part of the rainbow so much that I wanted to do another.  My stepsister is expecting a baby girl in mid-April, so this hat and booties set is for her little one.  I love how they came out!


A friend on my message board mentioned that she had seen a cute idea for a baby gift--a rainbow of hats. Darn it.  I had been looking for an idea for our niece-to-be, and I couldn't get the idea of the rainbow out of my head.  I tried to talk myself out of it.  I didn't need to crank out 7 hats in 5 days and completely neglect my housework.  But the idea was too compelling.  So I did it.  

Three of the hats are made to fit right away, to be worn this spring as a newborn (yellow, green, and cream).  The rest are made to fit when she's 6-12mos old, during her first fall and winter, and beyond (in the case of the blue one, which ran a bit big and will probably fit until she's two).

There are crocheted hats and knit hats.  Wool hats, cotton hats, and acrylic hats.  It's a completely random variety of hats.  All made with love for baby girl.  We can't wait to meet her!

Update: I wrote this post before baby girl was born, but forgot to publish it.  Baby girl has since arrived!  Emma Margaret Foster is our new sweet niece, and we still can't wait to meet her!