Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mother Bear Project

Several months ago one of my favorite parenting blogs had a post about the Mother Bear Project.  They are an organization that collects hand knit bears to send to children with HIV or AIDS in other countries (mostly African nations).  I love finding out fun ways to use my knit/crochet skills to help others, so I took on Kara's challenge of making one bear in honor of each of my children.  My kids each have a lovey that they sleep with, and I love the idea of providing a bear for three sweet little souls halfway across the world who need someone to snuggle.

The most challenging part of these bears was embroidering their faces!  They sat completed without faces for a month before I got up the nerve to try.  I'm mostly OK with how they came out.  They're not too scary looking, are they?!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Easter spin art

I saw an idea in blogland to use your salad spinner to make art.  We used foam egg shapes from the $1spot at Target.
  Blobbed on some paint, set it spinning, and watched while it slowed down  

Lift off the lid, and see what you get!
All 10 eggs painted and drying.  We plan to make a garland with them later.

superhero mask hats

My friend Andrea's boys had a combined birthday party, with a superhero theme.  I thought this pattern was a perfect choice if I wanted to craft for their presents.  I wrapped them over inflated balloons, since otherwise they look like flat knit rectangles, and it's pretty hard to get excited about that if you're a two or four year old boy. They won't get use out of them until fall/winter (toooo hot here!) but they're both plenty roomy and should fit for a good long time.  This is such a fun pattern!  I think my boys need some!