Thursday, January 17, 2008

twin soakers!

The babies' first "twinny" gift was matching pairs of Texas Longhorn booties from Nana. All this time sitting around with activity restrictions from my pregnancy has given me time to finish a couple of soakers to match! I still can't decide if I'm going to try to embroider TEXAS or something on the heiny of them or not (like I did on Jenn's TCU longies). I'll post new pictures if I decide to.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I still love to craft...

but I have no time. As you've noticed, I'm sure, there has been a marked decrease in the amount of posting I've done to this blog since little man came. That will almost certainly continue when the twins are born.

I have started a new blog to update family and close friends on my pregnancy, little man's antics, and just life in general. It is a private blog, however, due to the need to protect little man's identity as a foster child. If you would like to be invited to read it, email me! I'd love to add you! erin dot wallace at comcast dot net