Saturday, December 17, 2011


I just noticed that I never blogged my scarf! This was my first ever real object done entirely in knit.  I'm still a new knitter, still mostly a crocheter, but I'm learning and getting better.  This scarf was for ME, which is just really rare.  I never craft for myself.  I absolutely love it.  Great pattern. Great yarn.  Happy scarf.


I have been doing a little bit of Christmas crafting plus a handful of other small projects.  I can't blog the Christmas crafts since I don't want to spoil surprises, but here are the other recent FOs.

I do apologize for photo quality on this post. I wanted to get this written, but waited until daylight ran out for pictures, so you're getting indoor shots which are terrible on my camera.

First, felted crocheted slippers.  They're really cute, but really just a bit too big.  Anyone need any size 9-10 slippers?

Second, a pair of bottle proppers for a friend with newbie twins.  I know, I know, never prop a bottle (or encourage your friends to), but unless you've had a toddler plus newborn twins, you just have NO idea.  Don't hate.

Third, a knit and crocheted (both skills used in this pattern!) head wrap for a friend who asked really, really nicely.  It's not yellow.  It's a creamy off white.  Bad photo.

And fourth, another mei tai.  Long funny story on this one. I gave away my favorite homemade mei tai that I used with my kids when they got too big to want me to wear them.  I have regretted that.  It was the only homemade carrier that I used and loved.  My other beloved carriers were purchased (Ergo, Moby, Beco, ring sling), but this one was special, one of a kind.  So, I asked for it back. LOL I asked my friend if she'd give mine back if I made her a replacement.  She was kind enough to agree, and this is her replacement.  My old one is now in my keepsake box, where it will stay.  The color is off on this, too.  It's lime green with white leaves.