Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sippy cup harness tutorial!

OK, it's been forever since I posted on this blog, but I told some people I'd post a tutorial for these, and my other blog is private, so this one gets revived. :D

Disclaimers: the sippy cup harness is NOT my original idea. I purchased one of these, but decided they were too simple not to make a couple more myself rather than pay $5-6 each. If you make one with my tutorial, it would not be ethical of you to sell them. Someone else already holds the patent. This is for personal use only. I know, I know. I'm just saying...


1 yard of 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon in the color of your choice
1 package of plastic rings or D-rings. I wish I had gotten 1.25 inches instead of 1 inch
1 package of sew-on velcro, 3/4 inch wide
* buy several yards of ribbon and use your extra velcro and rings to make a couple for friends!

Take your yard of ribbon and cut 11.5 inches off of one end. Use a lighter to singe the edges of both pieces of ribbon (4 raw edges). Quickly pass the edge of the ribbon through the flame a couple of times. This will keep it from fraying. You can also use fray-check seam sealer.

Take your short piece of ribbon and pin 2 inches of pokey velcro and 4 inches of soft velcro on one end (pokey closest to the end of the ribbon, soft in the middle). Pin the velcro to the "right" side of the ribbon, if your ribbon has a right side.

Turn that piece over, and pin the long piece of ribbon at a right angle to the short piece. Place the long piece about 2 inches from the end.

At the opposide end of the long piece, fold down about 5 inches, iron a crease at the end, and pin the edge down. You're creating a 5 inch loop at the end here.

Now, go sew everything you pinned. No special instructions, just sew it neatly and securely. Remove pins. You're almost through!

On the short ribbon, fold the end with out the velcro back to create a loop for your plastic ring or D-ring. Fold it so that the end just covers where the long ribbon T's in. Does that make sense? See below. Pin in place and sew.

The end!

Now, to use this lovely creation...

Attach the harness to a stroller, car seat strap, etc. by looping the velcro/plastic ring end through the 5 inch loop at the end of long ribbon.

Thread the velcro through the loop and snug it around your bottle, sippy cup, snack trap, or other object near and dear to your toddler's heart that he is none-the-less prone to throwing on the ground.

Enjoy! And if you have questions or comments, please leave me a note!