Saturday, October 13, 2007

Come get your craft on!

so said the invitation I was handed at church a few weeks a go for a craft party thrown my friend Morgan and her twin sisiter Casey. Who could refuse such a darling invitation as this?

I almost pooped out and stayed home (tired mommy!), but I'm so glad I went. All of my favorite people were there, including (but not limited to) Cynthia, Karen, the other Erin, Kelly, Iris, K-Lo, Christina, and Morgan. We has such fun being girls--chatting and crafting. Here are some pictures of last night's finished objects...

magnets, already on my fridge!

and a "W" block, for my last name, of course! It's my favorite! I haven't decided on its final resting place in my house, so I'm sure I'll carry it around from shelf to shelf today trying different locations out.

Thanks for the good time, Morgan!

Monday, October 01, 2007

fleece soaker!

I'm so proud! This came out better than I had even hoped...

Pull-on soakers with yoga-style waist bands (usually sewn from wool interlock fabric) are very popular among cloth diapering mamas right now. I found a pattern to make such items, and gave it a try using the last bit of a yard of Malden Mills lightweight windpro fleece that I bought a year or so ago. Windpro is the sort of fleece that outdoor stores' fleece jackets and vests are made from. It's highly water resistant, but is easy to care for (wash and dry) unlike wool. I "borrowed" someone else's idea of an hourglass shaped double layer in the wet zone, and I think I'll be very pleased with the performance of this little soaker!

now to find some good quality wool interlock fabric! nah--I'll wait for summmer...