Thursday, December 20, 2007

pregnancy: a great time for craft projects!

I made some do-it-yourself maternity pants! I had a two pair of "fat" khakis pre-pregnancy. They were roomy, baggy, and comfy. They now fit well (my heiny is growing faster than my belly!), but are too tight in the waist. But this craftster tutorial saved the day! Why not just buy maternity pants? Oh, I will. But the crafty side of me had to try this. The advantage that these have over my "real" maternity pants that I currently own is that they were already hemmed to a good length for my not-so-tall self. I haven't had a chance to have my maternity pants hemmed and I look a bit goofy with big cuffs on the legs. In time, in time.

Ok, enough. Time for pictures.

With the belly up (belly fabric is recycled out of an old t-shirt)...

and scrunched down (how I currently prefer to wear them)...

And yes, I'm already huge. And this is just the beginning. In case you've lost count, I'm 11 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. We'll just chalk the overgrowth up to having twins! :D