Friday, May 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Catching up the blog!  Here's a review from Easter. 

We grew real grass in our Easter baskets this year, and it worked beautifully! Here are the instructions I used.  This was about a week of growth.  That would have been a nice stopping point.  

Unfortunately, we planted greass about 2 weeks before Easter, so by the time we put the grass in the baskets, it was totally overgrown and crazy! I loved it though, and will definitely do this project again next year! 

We dyed eggs, of course. 

We spent a couple of weeks going through our Resurrection Eggs at breakfast to discuss the Easter story.  Those remain my #1 favorite craft project.  Make yourself some

 We looked nice and springy on Easter Sunday. We were also thoroughly uncooperative for photos.

We spent the afternoon with friends and cascarones...


and Hulk costumes!

 Lovely day, lovely traditions.

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