Friday, May 23, 2014

Farewell, Five in a Row

It's certainly bittersweet, but after two wonderful years using Five in a Row in our homeschool, we are saying goodbye and going in a different direction next year.  I thought I'd take a minute and remember what we've done in FIAR.

We rowed the following books:

Volume 1:
The Story About Ping
A Pair of Red Clogs
The Glorious Flight
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
Papa Piccolo
Katy and the Big Snow

Volume 2:
The Giraffe That Walked to Paris
Wee Gillis
Owl Moon
A New Coat for Anna
Mrs. Katz and Tush
Mirette on the High Wire
The Story of Ferdinand
Make Way for Ducklings
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Mr Gumpy's Motorcar
Miss Rumphius
The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
Harold and the Purple Crayon

Volume 3:
The Bee Tree
Henry the Castaway
The Duchess Bakes a Cake
Andy and the Lion
The Salamander Room
Amber on the Mountain

We visited every continent but Antarctica on our literary journeys and met so many wonderful storybook characters.  We have loved these books.  They have literally become friends.

Some favorite memories:

  • the shaving cream "snow" with Katy
  • the wearable body activity with Madeline
  • the youtube video of Russian dancers that is still requested often from Dancing Bear
  • the gondola ride with Papa Piccolo
  • the Global Wildlife Center field trip with Giraffe
  • owl pellet dissection with Owl Moon
  • yarn dyeing with New Coat for Anna (twice!)
  • acting out The Story of Ferdinand
  • the fact that we still shout "Mr and Mrs Mallard" EVERY TIME we see mallards around town, thanks to Make Way for Ducklings
  • wildflowers in Texas with Miss Rumphius
  • the diorama of The Salamander Room
  • the beekeeper's field trip with The Bee Tree
  • sailing small boats in Lake Pontchartrain with Henry the Castaway
  • how much my kids loved the new vocabulary words "patience" and "fortitude" with Andy and the Lion

and I could go on, and on, and on.  Thank you so much to Five in a Row for a fantastic start to homeschooling here at Chaos Academy.  I'll continue to recommend you to moms who ask for suggestions for fantastic early childhood curriculum.  It's been fun!

If you use the search bar in the top left corner, every book I listed that we have rowed should be here somewhere on my blog.  I enjoyed recording our Five in a Row journey here.  Next year's curriculum won't be as neatly packaged in 1-2 week chunks by theme like FIAR has been, so I'm not sure what my blog habits will look like. I will probably not post as often, and honestly, I'm looking forward to that.  I do appreciate those of you who have followed along and cheered us on!  Happy homeschooling!

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